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Specializing in ADHD late diagnosis, Transitions, Careers, and Parents, College Students

Do your ADHD symptoms keep you stuck? 

Do you want to grow beyond where you were planted? When this tenacious little fern caught my eye, I was compelled to take it’s picture. I was struck by how it was surviving in the less than ideal place it found itself. Plants are stuck in the environment where they are planted, and for a period of time, so are we. But unlike plants, people are able to move on, seek where they fit: find their purpose
Like plants, people will survive in an environment that isn’t ideal. Some people, just like plants, are more sensitive to their environment, and thrive when the the environment changes. People are all different, have different brain wiring (neurodiversity), have different strengths, talents, passions and purposes. 
How would it feel to realize that if you pay attention to and take care of what you need, learn where you will thrive, what lights you up, that you can move forward in a direction you want? This is where a Professional ADHD Coach can help! 

  • I'm in transition and want to get clarity on what's next for me

  • I’m putting off what I know matters to me because it feels tedious or too hard

Kristen Denney Coaching Fern ADHD.JPG
  • I want to feel like I’m enough, just the way I am, ADHD challenges and all

  • I love the idea part of projects, and I get excited about getting started, but I get bored, or stuck, so I feel like a failure

  • I'm distracted by bombarding thoughts

  • I have been called a daydreamer, and get lost in my thoughts

Do you resonate with any of the feelings or thoughts listed above?


If you do, then a coach specializing in ADHD  may be what you need to

gain insight and enjoy your life.

"Problems are like plants, you've got to get to the roots to prevent

them from popping up again."~ Brian G. Jett

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