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Why I chose this path

Meet Kristen

Hello! I am excited to meet you and partner with you on your new path! I coach anyone with ADHD, or without, to understand their minds, gain clarity, and stop feeling stuck through awareness and strengths based coaching. It is so rewarding to see people light up as they get started on tasks that feel daunting, gain confidence as they focus on their strengths, and grow behind where they felt limited.

I am a certified Life and ADHD coach with personal experience in many of the life challenges/transitions faced by my clients, from single parenting, to 30 years of entrepreneurship, to shifting careers later in life.

Because I was diagnosed late, I was relieved, to know what has been "wrong with me" my whole life, and at the same time, I grieved that I hadn't been diagnosed years ago. I set out to educate myself on how my ADHD symptoms connect 


to my challenges, and got my own ADHD coach, which has been life changing! I sought career coaching with a coach who is knowledgable in ADHD and realized I wanted to serve and encourage others who have experienced similar challenges. My experiences with ADD Coach Academy courses led to further clarity about myself and my brain, executive function (which includes emotional regulation), working memory, and strengths which helped me appreciate the parts of me that I had previously devalued. 


In my personal and professional life, I’m a curious and creative person, always looking to learn new things and to see the world in new ways. I'm a plant lover, animal lover, enjoy getting outdoors, especially on Seattle's sunny days. Social dance lessons (two-step, swing, chacha etc.) have been my outlet for inner restlessness for years. I also enjoy gardening, exploring new places, and generally leaving things better than I found them. ADHD is my constant companion and now inspires me to continue growing and experiencing life fully, with all of life's ups and downs. 


As your coach, I will be your thinking partner, as you discover what resonates with you, to create a life you want and love. I have experienced what coaching offers a person and am honored to have found work that allows me to share the passion with others. Passion and purpose are what make life meaningful! Would it be valuable to you to have a meaningful conversations that are geared toward moving you closer to making your desires a reality? Let’s talk about what matters most to you, and if you don’t know yet, we'll explore together! 


"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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