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ADHD Resources

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ADHD Resources

Do You Leave The Cupboards Open? This slide presentation has valuable resources including a list of ADHD signs and symptoms, links for books, websites, social media pages, articles...the list goes on!

How to get your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Do your kids resist brushing their teeth? Do you want your kids to learn healthy oral health?

What if brushing teeth could be fun?

Books About ADHD (or that help!)

Bullet Journal Method.jpg

The Bullet Journal Method: Carroll wrote this book for frustrated list-makers, overwhelmed multitaskers, and creatives who need some structure.


As a man with ADHD, Ryder Carroll realized he needed something tailored to how he operates.


His method is simple and is the first thing I have stuck with. Take what you like and leave the rest!

Women with ADHD.webp

A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD: Embrace Neurodiversity, Live Boldly, and Break Through Barriers. This is the first book I read after my diagnosis when I realized I'm not alone. There are others like me!

Permission to Proceed.jpg

Permission to Proceed by David Giwerc, Founder of ADD Coach Academy, has written about how if feels to have ADHD and has created models that explain how to live a life of passion and possibility.

Clarifies the design flaw in our attempts at change and gives clear strategies to experiment with. "Tiny is Mighty."

Tiny Habits.webp
ADHD 2.0 Book.jpg

ADHD 2.0: This book is readable, concise and clear. Drs. Hallowell and Ratey...offer an arsenal of new strategies and lifestyle hacks for thriving with ADHD.

Audible and Speechify help me get through books I wouldn't otherwise read. Along with late diagnosis, I learned late in life that listening to books works for me.​

Do you find reading to be a chore? 

"What is life for? It is for you." ~Abraham Maslow

Getting Organized


Dealing with Clutter? Read this article from ADDitude Magazine around how to let stuff go. Your Decluttering mantra: It's just stuff


What's your organizing style? Take this quick test to find out! You can also take her free master class and receive organizing strategie emails. 


Inspiring Videos

Tell me you have ADHD without telling me you have ADHD/The signs everyone missed growing up

Try Different (The Fish Song): A Metaphor for children and adults!

Failing at normal: An ADHD success story


Late Diagnosis Trauma: This is a great metaphor for how it feels to be diagnosed late

Find others like you 

Focused Femmes : A Support Group For Women With ADHD


Beautiful Mayhem: Women with ADHD Casual Chat 


ADHD for Smart Ass Women:  


Do You have ADHD?


Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale: ADHD Symptom Checklist


Symptoms and Diagnosis of ADHD: DSM-5 Criteria for ADHD


ADHD Symptoms and Tests: Inside the ADHD brain, symptoms manifest differently in girls vs. boys, children vs. adults, and within the 3 types of ADHD: inattentive, hyperactive, and combined. Here, find ADHD symptom tests for all of the above, plus quizzes for related conditions like ODD, autism, OCD, learning disabilities, rejection sensitive dysphoria, and more. Additude Magazine

Learn about yourself and ADHD

ADDitude Magazine: Expert guidance and support for living better with ADHD and its related mental health conditions


ACO: The ADHD Coaches Organization is the worldwide professional membership organization for ADHD coaches, and we are committed to serving as a resource for ADHD coaches, for our members, and for the public.


CHAAD: Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) is the nation's leading nonprofit organization serving people affected by ADHD.


ADDCA: By truly understanding ADHD, you can discover the special gifts and talents that bring one's uniqueness to light and use them to leverage SUCCESS! Step into The Simply ADHD Course. It will change the way you look at yourself and others! 


VIA Institute on Character: This link to the VIA site will take you to my Professional page where you can take the survey and share it with me, your coach. Or, you can take the survey by signing up for your own account using this link to the VIA Institute on Character. Join the over 15 million people who have taken the only free, scientific survey on character strengths.

Late Diagnosis

Late Diagnosis Trauma: This is a great metaphor for how it feels to be diagnosed late

Trouble sleeping?
Try this for a week and see what happens

Nothing Much Happens Bedtime Stories For Adults.jpeg

Nothing Much Hqppens: ADHD can lead to a busy mind. Nothing Much Happens gives the active ADHD brain, that is constantly thinking, something to think about. It is just interesting enough to keep your attention, and boring enough to allow you to sleep. Give it a good go for a few nights and see what happens! You can find them on Spotify too! "Bedtime stories are like a soft nest for the mind. They are a place for it to rest so that it doesn't wander away and get into trouble, and in the world we're living in now it is so easy for it to find trouble. Try something different. Let me tell you a bedtime story. It's a simple story, in which nothing much happens, you feel good and then you fall asleep."

Fidgets For Focus


Speks Magnetic Balls have become one of my favorite fidgets. You can fiddle with them without drawing attention to yourself. They're oddly satisfying as hand play, for creating structures and can be squeezed the same way you squeeze clay, but without any residue! I got a set for my daughter who sits at a computer most of her day for work and she let me know these are "one of the best things I've ever owned!" and another text later that week that read: "these magnet beads, obsessed, they're incredible!"

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