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Work with me

Through coaching, my clients:

  • gain clarity

  • discover what matters to them

  • explore who they are

  • ​recognize their strengths

  • explore what lights them up

  • do more of what they want

​“To know how to wonder and question is the first step

in the mind toward discovery.” Louis Pasteur



Let's get acquainted over this Free 20-30 minute Zoom call to see if we are a good fit! This is an open space for you to share your desires, challenges, and to ask questions about my experiences with ADHD and coaching.



Getting started, a three month commitment is recommended, where we will work together to learn about your own ADHD, explore and focus on your strengths, collaborate to enable you to recognize that you are "your own most valuable resource". 

Coaching sessions are client driven, which means you bring the agenda (desire, topic, challenge, etc) to the conversation. I like to begin a session with anything you choose to share that went well recently. This can be anything that felt satisfying, brought joy, or made you smile.


As your thinking partner, we will move toward understanding what an outcome you'd like to have by the end of the session, why that matters to you, and how you will measure your success. As we explore your agenda, we may find that the conversation leads to actions to experiment with, while remaining open to wherever the conversation takes us. Sometimes what you really want surfaces as you process aloud and hear your own words reflected back to you. We will discuss what might get in your way and how you can set yourself up for success. By the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to share insights gained during the session and discuss what you want to experiment with that week. 


Pricing varies according to your start date. Please let me know of any financial need and we can discuss partial scholarships that make the fee comfortable for you.

Current clients can reschedule here.



After our first three months, you have the option to continue coaching in three month increments at your starting rate or one month at a time.

Schedule sessions here.

“To be understood is a powerful and significant human need. The ability to listen, truly hear and let the speaker know that he or she has been understood, is one of the most important communication skills that you can acquire.”

~ Kathleen Redmond

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