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What Clients Are Saying



"Kristen is a very present and engaged coach. She consistently creates a safe, caring, and non-judgmental space for verbal processors, providing support while simultaneously allowing a person to uncover their own answers. She is skilled at helping you figure out how to find your own way, tuning into what's important in both what you say and what you don't say. I've experienced many an "ah-ha!" moment that she has facilitated by asking simple yet powerful questions. Highly recommend Kristen's coaching services for anyone looking to gain some traction in their life."


SLP, Coach and Consultant

"Since working with Kristen, I feel like I’m growing in the right direction for who I am. Through coaching, I have sorted out and understood what I want and need in my personal life and career. Kristen also helps me dive deep into my neurodiversity challenges. With Kristen’s coaching, my life is much better than before, and many good things are happening!"


Mechanical Engineer

"When I saw my advisor today, he asked how things are going with my ADHD coach and I told him I love her so he asked for her contact info. I always come away from our conversations feeling more excited about life and empowered. It's really frustrating to have an ADHD brain and it really helps to have someone to sort it out with. "


College student

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