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Group Coaching

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What's good about group coaching?

  • Feel at home as you find others like you

  • Gain understanding what challenges are ADHD related

  • Find tools and strategies to experiment with in your own life

  • Find accountability with others

  • Learn from others

  • Share your experience

  • Collective wisdom

  • You are not alone and not isolated

  • Community and connection

  • Increased comfort with decreased cost

  • Access to models, exercises, brainstorming, and coaching

  • Introverted people will feel less on the spot

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Topics we may cover

What we cover will depend on your particular group. Be sure that you know what the group involves before you register. 

Topics may include strategies for time management, how to eat when you have ADHD, sleep hygiene, self-care, self-compassion, exercise, getting started, organizing, decision making, understanding your ADHD brain, and many more! We may even find group consensus in the first session to be sure we cover what is helpful to everyone.

Types of Groups

The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll notice the changes that can happen in your life when you spend time with other ADHDers.

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Group Coaching Topics

As your coach, I'll share my knowledge on a particular ADHD challenge for approximately 20 minutes. After this introduction, there will be time to share your own strategies that have worked for you and to hear the strategies others use. 


Book Club with coaching

There are so many great books out there. This group will provide the opportunity to share what we learn and to get to know others. Plan to read ahead, or listen if you prefer, and be ready to add to rich conversation with other ADHDers. As part of this group, one on one strategy appointments are available.


Body Double Groups

Body Double groups are magical. It's amazing what we can get done when we set aside time with others. Body Double groups are ongoing. You'll pay for 5 or 10 sessions, and then use them as needed. Kind of like a punch card.

Clean Space


What to expect


We will start and end on time

Out of respect for everyone's time we will start and end on time.  


Be prepared

Be sure to have your dedicated notebook, pen, access to wifi, water bottle, coffee,  fidgets, snacks, or anything else you'll need. 


Distraction free environment

Be sure to have privacy, no pets or people in the background, screen on, fidgets handy, phone put away


Have fun!

Groups are an opportunity to learn, meet others, celebrate, find inspiration, support, and encouragement. 

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